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Perversion's Pity Party The Powe

Kingdom Greetings,

With society on moral decline such as it is I'd like to take this time to home in on and target the spiritual cause of the slippery slope we now slide down. America and the Body of Christ have laid down and open its arms and legs to one of the most diabolical spirits our adversary has within its army, perversion. Perversion is a ancient devil that has been here since the beginning and has left death and destruction in its path ever since. The spirit of perversion is a cunning spirit. Perversion carries along with it an assignment of death. As I have stated many times over, perversion is a very passive aggressive spirit. First, this spirit tries to sweetly come into the life of the believer and if denied entry it will beat down the door until it gains access. (Gen. 9:1-13) Once in, perversion perverts (twists and distorts) everything and everyone in its path making the very image of God's creation so grouse and detestable the Father doesn't want to even look upon it. (Gen. 13:10-12; Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Ezek. 16:48-50)

When dealing with a spirit of perversion there is always a sacrifice for sympathy, something has to die in order for it to live and survive. Death has to occur in order to receive the maximum release of attention it thirsts and longs for. Perversion must produce seed after its on kind and it needs a womb to do so. (Gen. 19:30-38) Perversion loves to be the center of attention and will lie, manipulate, kill, steal and destroy to get it. (Jud. 19:22-28; Jn. 10:10)

When dealing with my own deliverance from sexual perversion, sympathy is one of the ways perversion stayed attached to my life. Many a night I found myself wiping away perversion's tears until one day God showed me, when I was being delivered from perversion, in a dream the dangers of doing so. In the dream I was shown a huge man locked away in a room. The man was most certainly what most would deem a Nephilim. He had to be over 13 ft tall and very old looking. This was definitely a giant of my past and he lied dead on the floor. I know he was dead because rigamortis had begin to set in. Yes I had killed the giant but for some reason I had a bad feeling of guilt for doing so. In the dream I began to cry and dismember the body. Each body part I cut off I tried to hide because I didn't want anyone to know I was the one that killed it. As I began to awaken from the dream the scripture Ezek 9:1-11 dropped into my spirit man. I couldn't shake it, it was like playing over and over until I read it. Please take the time to open the word of God to read the passages to follow along as I continue.

After reading the word of God, the Lord said to me that I was showing pity (compassion) on the enemy and keeping it prisoner which allowed other spirits of it's kinds to stay around and in my life to taunt and torment me. In the dream I remember there were bookshelves filled with books which let me know this was a mental attack also known as psychological warfare. Perversians, those governed by the spirit of perversion, are masters in the arts of mind blocking and mind bending. This spirit twists the thoughts and imaginations, enters and perverts dreams in order to make it's host continuously wicked and evil (Gen. 6:5; 2 Cor. 10:5; Jude 4, 6-8) Sympathetic witchcraft plays a major role in the twisting of the mind. Perversion draws from the bowels of our compassion and pulls our heart strings until it gets what it wants ACCEPTANCE & ALLEGIANCE. The Lord then began to show me due to me showing pity to this spirit I allowed the enemy to taunt me. My pity revealed that their was still some secret obligation that was working behind the scenes, this is why I couldn't let friends, family and enemies go that were not good for me. Granted, these were not bad people however, they were not good for me in the season I was in and for the place I was going. My mindset at the time was, I didn't want anyone to feel thrown away or rejected like I felt therefore, I showed pity and began embracing what the Lord wanted me to destroy. Notice in v. 1-6 He instructed the warring men to KILL EVERYONE except those who had the mark (seal) on their foreheads. The warring men were suppose cut down, men, women and children and they were not to spare anyone and most importantly, have no pity will doing it. Sympathy is one of the connecting roots of pity. Whenever we keep around that which God wants dead trust me it will come back to haunt, taunt, torment, even kill you. This is why even God Himself showed no pity in His judgement of Israel and their perversions because He knew the dangers of letting it stay. (Ez. 9:9-10; 1 Cor 5:1-13)

Ezekiel 9:1-11 spoke exactly where I was in my walk with the Lord at that time. God called me as one of his warring men. (v. 1-4) I was in hot pursuit of deliverance from sexual perversion and I wanted it to end. I searched throughout the city of my soul for where perversion lied. I finally caught and conquered this spirit with prayer and fasting. (v. 6) However, I did not follow the rest of the command and I paid the cost of my disobedience. Just as in the dream, once I received my deliverance I began to feel bad out of now where. What about all the friends you're leaving behind, your going to be alone, no one will want you, your not really free, where some of the thoughts that plagued my mind. This bombardment of shame and guilt created a door for sympathy and pity to come in. Perversians, like a baby crying for a cookie and or their favorite toy after they have been told no, cries louder and longer. The tears that perversion sheds are crocodile tears, they are filled with pride, false humility and bewitchment that spin webs like spiders who are hungry for prey. Perversion knows in times past using this craft of sympathy it got what it wanted. Beloved our continued compassion gives perversion hope that if it cries loud and long enough we will give into their list of demands to make it shut up. When will we as a body and nation grow weary in giving Perversian's their PACIFIERS. Perversians make mountains out of mole hills and then throw pity parties for others to embrace their wickedness. Their pride and arrogance tells them "its your party and you can cry if you want too." Trust me beloved, you will cry too if perversion happens to you, but will God listen or ignore our cry is the question that should be ever present in our hearts and minds. (Gen. 18:20; 2 Sam. 12:15-23; Jer. 7:16)

With the recent killings, not just in Orlando, but all over our nation, perversion is utilizing the same tactics to pull on the body of Christ's heart strings and drink from our bowels of compassion to keep us from confronting the issue of perverted lifestyles and mindsets, we must rise up in this hour and pray and fast against it. Once again perversion has used sympathetic witchcraft to twist the mind and bend the soul of our nation, along with the body of Christ to get what it wants. The massacre here in Orlando (the Sun city) I believe, was a sacrificial offering for sympathy. Using sexuality and religion to manipulate and deceive until we fully accept its lifestyles and practices and submit to its demonic agenda. Our very nation has fallen into the pit of this viper and is being swallowed whole, let it not be said of the Church of Jesus Christ. Perversion if full of deception, lies and exaggeration. For example, dealing with the news media stating what happened here in Orlando, Fl was the worse shooting in American history, when history itself exposes and testifies that that statement is a LIE. This outcry we see now from perversion, is loud, taunting and ongoing but the VOICE OF THE TORMENTOR we soon be silenced. Many are saying this was the judgement of God, I believe it to be as well, but not against a people but against a spirit that has plagued humanity since creation. Unfortunately the death of mankind and the destruction of creation as a whole has always been the result and repercussions of our acceptance and allegiance with perversion and spirits of its kind. Perversion will always cause the shedding of innocent blood. (Gen. 6:1-7; 19:1-33; Prov. 6:17; Jude 5)

Until we as a nation and a body learn to love what God love and hate what God hates we will continue to see death, for DEATH IS THE RESULTING WAGES OF ALL SIN. I wrote this article for the believer and sinner alike, to challenge us all to make a difference between good and evil, right from wrong, clean from unclean, holy from unholy. It is not a targeted towards one particular culture or class of people, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in this world that is hell bent on our destruction. AGAIN I SAY...REPENT...the day of the Lord is at hand. (Prov. 11:4; Ps. 97:8-12; Rom. 6:23; Eph. 6:12 Ja. 1:13-16)

NJN (In Jesus Name)

Father, we cry out for your mercy and grace. Father, we ask for forgiveness on behalf of our nation, your body and your bride. Father, lead us back to the place of right standing with you. Father, cast us not away from your presence, remove not your holy spirit from us. Father, with your love and kindness draw us back, you said you were married to the backslider and I ask that you disannual our covenant with death let not our agreement with hell stand. Father, send to us your overwhelming scourge and clean and transform the bloodline of our generations with your righteous blood. Father, if this be the acceptable time hearken to our prayer. Father, give us boldness, courage and fearlessness in this hour to stand against the wiles of the devil. Father, release fire and desire unto those who are willing to fight, freedom to those who are bound and strength to those who are struggling against the warfares of perversion. Father, give to us your statues, commandments and laws that we live thereby. Father, bring back the fear of the Lord, restore it back into your church that we may not continue to hurt you. Father, shut the mouths of the mockers long enough to allow them to hear your call for repentance. Father, release your arrows of deliverance dipped in godly sorrow, pierce our hearts until we bleed repentance and righteousness. Father, have mercy on our nation and your people we need a miracle in our morals. Father, you are the righteous judge, I ask that you delay your coming, give us more time to win the lost for you. Father, I decree and delcare that those who are still bound by the chains and stains of perversion, they will hear your voice today and harden not their hearts but will answer their call to freedom. Father, thank you for hearing me and answering my petition according to your kairos, love and tender mercies. Detrick

From The Pen Of A Ready Writer...


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