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AHAB “the power” behind JEZEBEL

There is a great discussion going on within the body of Christ. This debate deals with the two powers or Jezebel and Ahab, who is the greatest among them. Most would say Jezebel, however I would beg to differ. Jezzy's witchcraft, like all witchcraft needs a GREATER POWER SOURCE to operate through. Ahab's AUTHORITY as a KING and his PASSIVITY as a MAN were the conduits that Jezzy flowed through. Ahab is the chief of vicarious witchcraft. He gets what he wants through the lives and skills of others. He unlike Jezzy, uses manipulation not outright intimidation. He too is very skilled in mind control. Remember Ahab was already a warlock (male witch) before he even met Jezzy. (I Kin. 16:30-33) Ahabish men use sympathetic witchcraft spells to activate and operate through the power (gifts, talents) of others around them to do their bidding. His authority allows (suffers) the witch Jezzy to live and operate, but for his pleasure only. Ahabish men turn the women in their lives into witches, warriors and whores, because they know they can. Ahabians thrive off the spirit of acceptance (lust to be seen or used). Ahabish men will turn their wives (women) into thieves, liars, even murderers. Ahab is a pimp with great game, He is a master manipulator. (1 Kin. 21:4-7; Prov 6:12-14)

Like Ahab, most Ahabish men know the power of the wives in their home and the women in their church. Most Ahabians look for and surround themselves with strong women in order to make them their system of support. There are two great powers within the earth given to mankind, AUTHORITY (male) and INFLUENCE (women). It is my belief that women's power of influence can cause a man to lay his authority (power) down at her feet. If you have any doubts about this statement feel free to ask, Adam & Eve, David & Bathsheba, Samson & Delilah, Solomon and his 700 wives and 300 concubines. The Ecclesia itself is even patterned after a woman. Why, one because Christ, our husband is not gay. 2 because of the power to INFLUENCE (draw, sway) others to Christ. Women's influential power is also a major reason why those women who operate within ministry or in the home, need power (authority) over their head, so they cannot usurp authority or be manipulated by demons (angels). Remember, ADAM was influenced by his wife and EVE was DECEIVED by Satan. Could it be that Ahab showed himself first in the garden through Adam? Maybe Adam wanted to eat but allowed his wife take the fall? Why didn't he exercise his AUTHORITY and make her stop? WHY because Ahabish men don't care about consequences, they just want the job to get done. They are willingly to give their power away to the highest woman bidder and will even allow their authority to be usurped (1 Cor. 11:10; 1 Tim. 2:12-14)

Jezzy can only operate through an Ahab's scepter, seal and signature. One of the greatest and most utilized passages of scripture is Proverbs 31. This chapter opens with a prophetic warning. This penned word of prophecy was given to king Lemuel by a woman, his mother. She taught her son NOT to GIVE his strength (authority) to women nor to the ways that destroy kings. (Prov. 31:1-3) AHAB & JEZZY are interdependent, they utilize their power to draw strength from one another. A house, ministry or business will very seldom have just one of these spirits in operation. This conniving couple work as a team. The Bonny and Clyde of the demonic kingdom, truly two peas in the same psychic pod. Jezzy maybe the harlot that controls the reigns of the warhorse named AHAB, however don’t get it twisted, Ahab can buck anytime he wants too and throw her off. Ahab can't be trained nor tamed. Jezzy is the brawn but Ahab is the brains. Jezebelic women may be the neck that can turn the heads of men but Ahabians are the head masterminds that run the entire outfit. Trust me, Ahabs are in full control of their Jezzys until the assignment is completed and they get what they want. Behind every evil woman is probably a Ahabish man.

Ahab has many faces. Ahab the king, Ahab the warlock, Ahab the visionary, Ahab the husband, Ahab the father, Ahab the negotiator, Ahab the trouble maker and Ahab the murder. AHAB & JEZEBEL SPIRITS are NON GENDER or AGE SPECIFIC. They can operate in women, men, boys and girls of any age, nationality and or culture.

If by chance you find yourself within this article as one being used by this dynamic duo, SWIFTLY confess, renounce their works, then ask and receive forgiveness. Your deliverance has come.

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