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The Octopus Spirit "Engaging Marine Magic."

Kingdom Greetings,

I wanted to address a topic that has become quite popular once again, WATER SPIRITS. As we all know waters spirits hangout around regions that are close to large bodies of water, however are not limited to operation only within that kingdom. There all types of water demons. Though the source of all their power and support stem from the waters, all water spirits are not limited to it, they can operate on the land. Widely discussed about of this kingdom are leviathan and behemoth, however I'd like to discuss another water demon often referenced but very few teachings are found on it. This spirit, like unto all water demons, use what I call marine magic or water witchcraft. All forms of witchcraft deal with control, therefore it hungers and thirsts after it, the spirit wants to govern everyone and everything it touches. Some of the strongest witchcraft I personally have encountered came from the water kingdom. (Amos 9:3; Mat. 5:13) Water demons are master magicians, one of the most powerful and highly used agents of marine magic is seen operating through the Octopus Spirit.


Octopus- Greek word meaning “eight feet”. The Octopus possess 6 legs and two arms, also known to most as tentacles. They are part of the water kingdom and are beautiful yet very dangerous creatures. Currently there are 304 species of cephalopods in the marine kingdom. Cuttlefish and squid are inclusive in that order. Octopus use their size, colors and flexibility to intimidate and or seduce its victim into its clutches of control. All octopus are venomous but there is only one species can kill a human. Octopus have a beak and a mouth and they spit a venomous substance that disorients and kills its pray. Octopus were often idolized because of their size, movement, vibrant colors and abilities. Octopus are hard to domesticate (have as pets) because they are expert problem solvers, they can get in and out almost anything. They were displayed in the art of the Moche people of ancient Peru, who worshiped the sea and its animals.

Like all forms of witchcraft, Octopus spirits use their weapons to exercise their control through the vehicles of..

  • Intimidation

  • Manipulation

  • Domination

The power of octopus spirits lies within their tentacles, ink, strength, speed, agility and ability to camouflage themselves.

The 8 Tentacles can represent, but are not limited to.. (religion, fear, pride, lust, greed, false doctrine, deception)

6 LEGS Detain- this tactic is used to hold its prey up or down. Attacks of oppression upon the physical body and its ability to perform correctly, financial blockage, etc. (Gal. 5:7; Acts 10:38)

Deter- this tactic is used to hold its prey back. Keeping it's prey from moving forward or even at all. (1 Thes. 2:18)


Draw- acts of seduction and or bullying pulls and draws their prey into its domain of control and consumption. (Mk. 13:22; Ja. 1: 1 Jn. 2:26; Rev. 2:20)


Blinds, confuses and even poisons it's victim while it makes its escape cloaked by its own darkness. (1 Thes. 2:5; 1 Pet. 2:16)

Size & Strength

Octopus spirits, like all spirits, need a host to operate. Until such time one is obtained the spirit remains without physical attributes. Once the host is taken captive the spirit begins to apply mental or physical pressure until their subject gives in due to physical weariness and or lack of air. Personally, I have seen people with octopus spirits manifest during deliverance various ways. Some I have seen change colors (2-3 shades lighter or darker) when confronted or approach (found out-uncovered) and gain super natural strength, even grow in size when threatened or attacked. Octopus spirits will break right through religious prayers circles only to dismantle ministries from the inside of out. (2 Cor. 11:14) Delilah is a great example of a marine spirit in operation. She seduced and then added pressure into the life of Samson until he gave into her demands. Another great deception (serving as a form of camouflage) is that many believe octopus spirits only deal with mind control and or manipulation but this is not the limit of this spirits power. The octopus spirit is also a strong oppressive spirit that can wrap, coil and twist itself into the life of the saint or sinner causing physical deformities, arrested development through mental or brain disorders which is its way of exercising its dominion. (Jud. 16:13-19)

Speed & Agility

Because Octopus have no skeletal system it allows them to soar through the ocean using tremendous spurts of speed. Along with the speed. to either catch prey or avoid a predator, octopus have ability and agility to squeeze through the smallest holes and get in and out of the most difficult of closed in/off spaces again for its keen gift of problem solving. Think the octopus spirit is any different? Well, trap their host in a corner and watch them twist (lie) and turn (deceive) until they're out of the issue that they more and likely caused. Watch them manipulate and bully their way into someones bank account and bedroom until they get what they want. (Gal. 3:1; Jude 1:4)

MANIFESTOS (but not limited to)

Octopus spirits manifest through uncommon headaches, migraines, nightmares, blocked dreams, mental confusion. Pressure upon the back or front of the head, blurred or distorted vision. Shortness of breath, smothering or choking feelings are also strong indications a octopus spirit is in operation. Re-occurring patterns and cycles can be manifestos of octopus spirits. Once one tentacle is removed it can and will grow back. Octopus spirits bend and twist the will and flesh of its host until the host is thinking and doing whatever the spirit wants. (2 Tim. 2:26) These devils never have to move from their position in the life of the believer. To capture it's prey, or to escape their enemies, all they have to do is hide. Octopus spirits are crafty at camouflaging themselves.

Conquering The Octopus Spirit Octopus spirits cannot be simply detached from their host, they have to be killed. Cutting off their connections (tentacles) is not enough, doing so allows its witchcraft to continue to operate. Remember octopus spirits have the ability to regenerate their limbs back over time if any were ever to be cut off. Have you ever cut off friends, delete/change numbers and or emails, etc only to have them return? Well beloved its because the root of the spirit has not been dealt with and all it needs is a little water to grow back. Command the spirit to loose its host and then release the sword of the Lord (spirit) into the spirit's heart (root). Confess and renounce this spirit, its operations and groupings that have placement in your life. Forgive all of those who may have been the cause for this spirit have entered or operated in your life. Ask for forgiveness for allowing this spirit and its groupings to operate. Lastly BELIEVE the Lord has heard and delivered you, then send those devils back to their assigned kingdoms emptied handed with a praise unto God for your deliverance! (Ex. 22:18; Nahum 1:9; Heb. 4:12}

From The Pen of A Ready Writer...


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