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MOONWALKERS "Stories To A Backslidden Generation."




We are truly living in the last days. Unlike never before the scriptures are being fulfilled which says; that many shall depart from the faith, hearts would wax cold and if possible even the elect would be deceived. These passages of scriptures indicate that there will be a terrible loss of spiritual and natural life because backsliding will be at an all-time high. To save as many lives as we can, we must be well-equipped to address the issues that are rooted within a generation of backsliders.


  • What is backsliding?

  • Why do believers backslide?

  • What are the signs and solutions of backsliding?

  • Does God still love the backslider?

  • How does a backslider return?


Moonwalkers is a revelatory look into the life and mindset of backsliders that will answer these questions and more. Moonwalkers will bring insight and understanding as to how and why the steps of the backslidden are backward and not forward.  As you read this book you will find powerful revelations and testimonials as it relates to backsliding that will inspire you to pursue the love of God that has the power to restore and to keep you from falling.


Apostle Gaskins uses his own life's errors, triumphs, and biblical knowledge to release a shocking and empowering message to the reader that is full of wisdom. His transparency is transforming, bringing conviction, conversion, and reconciliation to those who feel hopeless and trapped in a backward motion.


Get your copy today and be restored to the Father's love that is desperately waiting!




Restoring Regions is a training manual filled with practical principals designed to RESTORE the lost warrior, EQUIP the new believer with strategies and tactics to effectively grow, build and ADVANCE the kingdom of God within their region.  Restoring Regions will equipping the reader in the areas:


* Identifying Gifts, Callings & Offices * Charges & Commissions * Development of Apostolic Teams * Team weapons & maintenance * How to engage your regions. (Breaking regions open, harvesting regions, etc) and much more. 


Restoring Regions' epic approach will reignite the passionate flames for the furtherance of the gospel every true son and daughter should possess in order to manifest individual, team and ministry building, kingdom advancement and regional restoration. As you turn the pages, a spiritual impartation, to take back spiritually what naturally belongs to you, will emerge and transform you. The fulfillment of the scripture Is. 58:12 “and they that shall be of thee shall build waste places thou shall raise up the foundations of many generations and thou shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in” will finally be a tangible manifestation, not just a long awaited expectation.

This manual is RATED ‘YA’ for YOUTH-ADULT.



"From the Lord Comes Deliverance" is a training manual designed to equip and train believers in the arts of deliverance. The practical yet revelatory teachings it possess truly identifies the commonly asked questions as it relates to deliverance in the body of Christ, yielding a comprehensive understanding to its readers. Within this manual you will find the following...

* Can Christians Have Demons

* How Do Demons Enter

* How to Cast Out Demons

* Identifying Soul-Ties, Curses & Inner Vows

* Demonic Kingdoms

* Deliverance Teams 

* Deliverance For Children

and so much more.... get your copy today, you won't be disappointed. This manual is RATED ‘YA’ for YOUTH-ADULT.




Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Booklet PDF


The contents within this particualar booklet are a collection of notes and teachings for the reader to utilize at home and or within your local ministry in relation to spiritual warfare and deliverance.  Our booklets should be utilized with a team/leadership that has experience in the arts of spiritual warfare and deliverance. 


Spiritual Warfare Campaigns were designed to Locate, Expose & Destroy, demonic strongholds of sexual perversion and immorality within the Body of Christ.


This booklet is RATED ‘M’ for the Mature.

Sexual Healing Campaign Booklet PDF 


This Sexual Healing Campaign Booklet was designed to give a inside look on the world of sexual immorality. This booklet is power packed with sexual terms, definitions and biblical revelations concerning sexual immorality within the body of Christ. Usually given out during our SEXminars (Sexual Immorality Sessions) our booklets have been placed on demand to be purchased outside of campaign attendance. 


Sexual Healing Campaigns were designed to Locate, Expose & Destroy, demonic strongholds of sexual perversion and immorality within the Body of Christ.


This booklet is RATED 'M' for Mature.


"Animals Still Speak"


Animal Spirits and Guides: "Animal Still Speak" is the first edition of a three book series that shares a collection of apostolic and prophetic teachings that will release revelation on how to use the animals and creatures of the bible to help identify the operations of demonic spirits, while offering the reader of God's voice of instruction on how to defeat them.


Animals Spirits & Guides come with a pack of 30 Power Praying Cards that offer spiritual warfare tips that will teach those who purchase the book on how to discern and dismantle the animal spirit in question through prayer. These Power Prayer Cards are an excellent point of reference, offering practical prayer points to those who are called to intercession and or spiritual warfare.


Whether individually or with a team, use and share this book and power praying cards to contend with the heavenlies.  Cards and book can be purchased separately or as a pair.


Animal Spirits & Guides book and Power Praying Cards" are RATED "M" for the mature.

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