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Restoring Regions T. M.

Restoring Regions T. M.


Restoring Regions is a training manual filled with practical principals designed to RESTORE the lost warrior, EQUIP the new believer with strategies and tactics to effectively grow, build and ADVANCE the kingdom of God within their region.  Restoring Regions will equipping the reader in the areas:


* Identifying Gifts, Callings & Offices * Charges & Commissions * Development of Apostolic Teams * Team weapons & maintenance * How to engage your regions. (Breaking regions open, harvesting regions, etc) and much more. 


Restoring Regions' epic approach will reignite the passionate flames for the furtherance of the gospel every true son and daughter should possess in order to manifest individual, team and ministry building, kingdom advancement and regional restoration. As you turn the pages, a spiritual impartation, to take back spiritually what naturally belongs to you, will emerge and transform you. The fulfillment of the scripture Is. 58:12 “and they that shall be of thee shall build waste places thou shall raise up the foundations of many generations and thou shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in” will finally be a tangible manifestation, not just a long awaited expectation.

This manual is RATED ‘YA’ for YOUTH-ADULT.

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