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From the Lord Comes Deliverance T. M.

From the Lord Comes Deliverance T. M.


"From the Lord Comes Deliverance" is a training manual designed to equip and train believers in the arts of deliverance. The practical yet revelatory teachings it possess truly identifies the commonly asked questions as it relates to deliverance in the body of Christ, yielding a comprehensive understanding to its readers. Within this manual you will find the following...

* Can Christians Have Demons

* How Do Demons Enter

* How to Cast Out Demons

* Identifying Soul-Ties, Curses & Inner Vows

* Demonic Kingdoms

* Deliverance Teams 

* Deliverance For Children

and so much more.... get your copy today, you won't be disappointed. This manual is RATED ‘YA’ for YOUTH-ADULT.

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