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ANIMAL SPIRITS & GUIDES Vol. 1-10 "Animals Still Speak"

ANIMAL SPIRITS & GUIDES Vol. 1-10 "Animals Still Speak"


Animal Spirits and Guides: "Animal Still Speak" is the first edition of a three book series that shares a collection of apostolic and prophetic teachings that will release revelation on how to use the animals and creatures of the bible to help identify the operations of demonic spirits, while offering the reader of God's voice of instruction on how to defeat them.


Animals Spirits & Guides come with a pack of 30 Power Praying Cards that offer spiritual warfare tips that will teach those who purchase the book on how to discern and dismantle the animal spirit in question through prayer. These Power Prayer Cards are an excellent point of reference, offering practical prayer points to those who are called to intercession and or spiritual warfare.


Whether individually or with a team, use and share this book and power praying cards to contend with the heavenlies.  Cards and book can be purchased separately or as a pair.


Animal Spirits & Guides book and Power Praying Cards" are RATED "M" for the mature.

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