We are truly living in the last days. Unlike never before the scriptures are being fulfilled which says; many shall depart from the faith, hearts would wax cold and if possible even the elect would be deceived. These passages of scriptures indicate that there will be terrible loss of spiritual and natural life because backsliding will be at an all-time high. In order to save as many lives as we can we must be well equipped to address the issues that are rooted within a generation of backsliders.


  • What is backsliding?

  • Why do believers backslide?

  • What are the signs and solutions of backsliding?

  • Does God still love the backslider?

  • How does a backslider return?


Moonwalkers is a revelatory look into the life and mindset of backsliders that will answer these questions and more. Moonwalkers will bring insight and understanding as to how and why the steps of the backslidden are backward and not forward.  As you read this book you will find powerful revelations and testimonials as it relates to backsliding that will inspire you to pursue the love of God that has the power to restore and to keep you from falling.


Apostle Gaskins uses his own life's errors, triumphs and biblical knowledge to release a shocking and empowering message to the reader that is full of wisdom. His transparency is transforming, bringing conviction, conversion, and reconciliation to those who feel hopeless and trapped in a backward motion.


Get your copy today and be restored to the Father's love that is desperately waiting!




The spiritual insight coming from Apostle Detrick L. Gaskins I find to be filled with strong revelation that will leave the reader not only enlightened but able to embrace his words and run with them. 

Keep your hands to the plow apostolic soldier of the kingdom!


Apostle Ivory Hopkins

Overseer & Founder of Pilgrims Ministry of Deliverance

Georgetown, Delaware


Donise Benton- Raleigh, NC. My eyes are open and since you have been doing this series of demonic spirits, God is uncovering. Thank you for your obedience. It has blessed me but also exposed some things that have been hidden. The atmosphere is not only shifting but has already started unfolding hidden secrets. 

Carrie Williams- Clearwater, FL. Thank you again for keeping it real with us all & exposing the darkness!

Mechelle Distinct Bailey-Moore- Champaign, IL. Powerful Insight!

Mary Jordan- Palm Bay, Fl. My goodness. Thank you so much. You bring so much clarity.

Barbara Atkinson-Rankins- Cantonment, FL. My God, what revelation! Keep teaching MOG, please don't put that pen down. Continuous blessings.


Vanessa Williams- Beaumont, TX.  I just love you. You always yield to publish what the body of Christ needs. I'm in shock but enlightened on a whole new level. 

Chris Williams- Jacksonville, Fl.  Wow! Amen! This is powerful. This is the teaching the Body of Christ needs. This shows what we are really dealing with and how to receive and walk in deliverance continually. 

Lisa Thomas- Atlanta, Ga. Wow, powerful revelation and teaching. Thank you Apostle Gaskins for this knowledge and wisdom. Again I say wow. 

Robert Iverson Felix- Detroit, MI. Wow, TEACH SIR!

Dr. Janet Newell- Raleigh, Nc. Awesome teachings.

Sylvia Shelby- Joliet, IL. Great biblical teaching. The anointing is being unleashed. 

Linda Ehrlicher- Chicago Ridge, IL. When I was a younger person I was studying and was very attuned to deliverance ministry, this rings very true and has awakened my desire to pursue deliverance again. I praise God for this book. I will give myself a refresher course in conjunction with this book.

You Covered Me - Dr. R. A. Vernon & The Word Chruch Praise Team
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