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This is a strong teaching by Apostle Gaskins dealing with the power and importance of the tongue. Apostle Gaskins explores and explains types of tongues their differences and usages. Those who have listened to this message have received the gift of tongues and upgrade in their understanding of this heavenly gift. Get your Mp4 today and learn the power that's lodging within the little member called the tongue.

Apostle Gaskins ministers on Regional Resistance in Gilead, Ohio. Regional Resistance is about the battles sent ones go through trying to establish local houses or works. If the momentum of apostolic movements can be hindered it will be hard to see breakthrough, deliverance and the kingdom of God advanced. Listen to this message as Apostle Gaskins gives strong apostolic revelation on the 4 systems designed to intercept a every advancing kingdom. 

This 2 day training was doing in Hopewell Va. Here Apostle Gaskins teaches on the art of spiritual wafare. The DOs, DONT'S, GOOD & BAD that come along with engaging spiritual climates. If spiritual wafare is a passion for you, we suggest that you pick this teaching up and become activated and stirred as you feast upon the revelations within. We promise you that you will not be disappointed. 

This is a 2 day teaching done by Apostle Gaskins in Richmond, Va. on the topics of spiritual warfare and deliverance. He goes indept on how to effectively engage the spiritual realm and demonic activity. 

This teaching is from one of our Sexual Healing Campiagns. Here Apostle Gaskins exposes the dangers of sexual immoraltiy through inanimate objects. Sex toys and idolatry are just a few of the areas of love-lust that are addressed within this apostolic and prophetic teaching. 

In this 2 part series Apostle Gaskins teams up with his great friend and mentor Dr. Catlyn Williams to tackle and target the spiritual force of Secret Societies. Join them as they expose their works and teach the believer strategies on how to engage their kingdoms with the power of Christ. 

Explore the plateaus of prayer as Apostle Gaskins goes into an indept teaching on how to properly approach and hear God to have our prayers manifested. This is a apostolic and prophetic teaching that every prophetic inteccessor and prayer warrior should have within their aresenal. 

This apostolic and prophetic teaching targets the spirit of python. Understanding the operations of this spirit is key for ministry life & growth. Listen as Apostle Gaskins gives revelation and strategy on how to locate, expose and defeat this terrible force.

Footprints of Fornication is a apostolic and prophetic teaching targeting the spirit of fornication. Here Apostle Gaskins exposes the life tracks of Jehoram, king of the southern kingdom of Judah, to reveal how fornication infiltrates the life of the believer. (2 Kin. 8:16-29; 2 Chr. 20:1-20) 

Every apostolic and prophetic work will face opposition that will try to stop the momentum of the advancing kingdom that has come to dismantle their kingdom. Most when opposed stop, quit and grow weary in their pursuit to move forward because they don't understand or know the opposing kingdom.  This apostolic and prophetic teaching targets and exposes 5 kingdoms designed to specifically stop apostolic works. (Judges 11:16-20)

This apostolic prophetic teaching deals with reseting the foundations of the local church through the restoring of the foundational corner stones of the Apostle Prophets and Teachers. 

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